Week 1 – Share Your Story To Win A Koi Scrub Set

To celebrate our 6th anniversary, we’re giving away Koi scrub sets, one set each week for 4 weeks.

Answer the following question in the comments  or on our Facebook page to be entered to win a Koi Scrub Set.

Week 1 question: How would you describe a recent shopping experience with Daily Scrubs (online or in-store)?

Week 1 Entry Due Friday, Nov 9, 2012  (1 Entry per person)

Winner of Week 1 contest: Teoni Reisinger. Congratulation :)

To all contest participants that have submitted your comment/feedback via our facebook or blog, please check your email, we sent you a coupon.

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87 Responses to Week 1 – Share Your Story To Win A Koi Scrub Set

  1. My last shopping experience was just a couple of months ago. I have to order my scrubs on line, so I ordered my fall and winter Koi, Lindsey pants. They are the best fitting scrub pants out there.i have my three basic colors that I buy in pants, black, white and navy. I ordered them up and they were shipped to me and at my door in just over a week. Dailyscrubs is the best place to order scrubs as after a certain amount that you spend the shipping is free. Thanks Dailyscrubs!!!!

  2. Roma says:

    My recent shopping experience at the Daily Scrubs store was absolutely enjoyable and fun! There was a lovely sales associate who was friendly and helped me find what I was looking for. With great customer service and selection of scrubs, I am a happy, regular costumer of Daily Scrubs :)

  3. Danielle says:

    Daily Scrubs is AMAZING!! I have never had a bad experience. Everyone is so helpful, the selection is astonishing and I always end up getting more than I came for! I’ll never get my scrubs anywhere else!

  4. Teoni Reisinger says:

    My recent experience with dailyscrubs was excellent, I changed my mind on a back ordered item and was able to easily change my order to a different top and the best part of the transaction was that i was emailed back right away! very good customer service.

  5. Linda Nagge says:

    This is my second order and I’m very impressed…So glad it’s a Canadian location!

  6. Samantha says:

    I have ordered online a total of 3 times and am very pleased each time great service, fast shipping(love that its free over $100), great scrubs! I receive many compliments on my scrubs from co-workers, they always ask where my scrubs are from and I pass on the website. Love the Koi scrubs so colorful! and they fit well and are very comfortable. Can’t wait til the spring 2013 collection comes out!!!

  7. Paulette Barney says:

    My shopping experience has always met my expectations and beyond. Very friendly and accomodating. Lots of good comments on my Koi uniforms.

  8. Alison says:

    I love Daily Scrubs! I usually order online but recently went to the store while I was visiting Ontario and the sales associate was so friendly and helpful! I had a great experience and ended up with tons of cute scrubs! I always tell people to check them out if they are looking for new scrubs! They have the best selection of Koi scrubs @ the best prices :)

  9. katelyn says:

    My shopping experience with daily scrubs is always great! I am addicted to dailyscrubs.ca! Its a great website easy to order and to pay. When its shipped it arrives the exact day it says it will be delivered. Great prices and awesome deals! So glad i found this website.

  10. Danielle says:

    I was trying to think of honest feedback, and I can’t think of one thing you guys can change! Every experience I’ve had has been wonderful!

  11. Kelly Martin says:

    I can’t suggest anything for you guys to do anything better, because I have received excellent customer service since I started dealing with you guys. I really like it now that you guys are having weekly specials, that’s a bonus!! I sure would love to win this new cute uniform set for this contest!!

  12. Deborah Ford says:

    My daughter’s favorite scrubs are Koi – she needs tall pants and Koi are the perfect length. Plus Koi hold up wash after wash. I always order for her and I have ordered on-line and through the catalog numerous times and have never had a problem.

  13. Tatiana Troncoso says:

    1) The site could use a bit of a revamp. I mean it’s fine as is, simple, but the background is a little boring (reminds me of Myspace or Twitter). I just think if you sell scrubs for every season, why not put a fresh look on the site, as well.

    2) A more advanced search function would be nice. Where, for example, you could search by Brand, Colour, Size, and/or Price Range.

    3) My third suggestion would be to look into maybe adding PayPal as a payment option.

    I always try to shop Canadian, especially online. I would just like to say thanks, and keep up the good work!

  14. The only thing that I think that you could do better is offer a few more brands of scrubs ie. Dickie’s , Cherokee and or Barco to name a few!!!! Other then that i think you are awesome the way you are! Thanks Dailyscrubs :)

  15. Sue says:

    I’ve always had excellent online-ordering service with Daily Scrubs so can’t think of much that needs improving! The only time I’ve ever been disappointed is when I’ve ordered something and that is out stock before the site has been updated. (You guys are just too popular! ;) Now I just e-mail Wina directly to make sure the items I want are in stock, she always responds right away.

  16. Thanh says:

    I have not yet ordering anything from Daily Scrubs. I am tempted to put in an order this week after seeing the weekly deals. I don’t have any comments for now but one thing I wish to see is flat fee shipping.

  17. Karma says:

    My whole closet is full of Koi Scrubs, all bought from Daily Scrubs. I like to stock up when there is seasonal clearance and their regular prices are cheaper than any retail store I have been in. I have returned items when they don’t fit with no problems. I appreciate the free shipping when I spend over $100 and sometimes I find a free bonus item in my order :-) I recommend Daily Scrubs to my co-workers. I know of two people who have bought from this website in the last four months because I talk so highly about it. Enjoying the weekly deals right now! Keep up the good selection and great prices!

  18. Shelly-Ann Morris says:

    I went into the store on Wednesday morning November 7th to purchase some uniforms. I was greeted warmly and I expalined what I wanted and sales rep, worked very hard to find my fit. Since i am very tall, he showed and explained to me what will work best for me and stayed within my budget. I ended up spending $120 and I love everything i bought. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

  19. Rom C says:

    Week 2 answer: I usually shop in-store. Last time I purchased mobb scrubs, I was a bit disappointed that I had to pay a bit more because I chose a top and bottom of different sizes. Due to my body type, I need to buy different size top and bottom for a good fit. A suggestion would be to have a flat rate/deal for a scrub set, despite the sizes. Love the store though!

  20. Yasmin Khan says:

    I have been ordering on-line from daily scrubs for over 2 years……..the service is excellent……within 2 days my order is delivered !!!!!!
    They have the best selection of KOI products………good value, washes & wears well…….colours & style are exemplary……….and the most comfortable fit for uniforms that I have ever worn in the past 40 years.

  21. michelle butt says:

    It has been a pleasure viewing the uniforms. You have a wonderful variety and are clear on what is available. Your prices could not be matched by other merchands. I have been out of the health care scene for 2 years and am now reentering the workplace and ordering new uniforms makes me excited to be back to work. I will definetly be spreading the word about your website, totally impressed:) Thanks for your excellent service and look forward to more buisness in the near future:)

  22. Sherrie Parker says:

    I resently purchased koi scrubs from Daily scrubs and found the service when I called the order in to be excellant. They also send you updates via email on the progress of your order… ie packaged date and the day you will recieve the item ,which is exceptional.
    Im very pleased to say I look forward to shopping here in the future.

  23. Janice Pinsent says:

    Your selection of scrubs is great!! I especially love your Koi scrubs, they are my favourite, so comfortable and stylish!

  24. Kelly Martin says:

    Would love for you to start carrying “Healing Hands”. I think this is a very popular brand that alot of us girls like to wear also. They carry alot of very stylelish uniforms just like Koi. They would have to be my 2nd favorite next to Koi.

  25. Sabrina Dojlidko says:

    Yes you do carry a great variety of scrubs! I especially love the Koi line of scrubs. Not a lot of stores carry this brand. I only shop at Daily Scrubs for my uniforms!

  26. Natasha Bergen says:

    The selection of scrubs from dailscrubs.com are great, and often much cheaper than any local retail store. I do wish koi scrub pants were carrired in the smaller size xxs in more than the three colours, but overall am very happy with the service thus far and will contue to purchase from this site!

  27. Sharon says:

    Dailyscrubs carries a great selection of scrubs and is my go-to website/store for the best selection of Koi scrubs. I always get complimented at work about how trendy my uniform is and have also recommended the website to fellow co-workers. Now, we have the trendiest unit in the hospital! Although, I do love koi scrubs, it would be great to see some other fashionable scrub brands to allow for even more selection to chose from. I’d love to see brands like Rampage scrubs and Grey’s Anatomy. As nurses, we are all looking for a way to make our uniform more personal and “ours”. We already have to wear a uniform everyday, why not wear more stylish ones?

  28. Kimberley Dickie says:

    I like the brands that you do offer but would love to see a few other brands such as Barco, Greys Anatomy, Cherokee, Dickies.

  29. Christina says:

    Daily scrubs has an amazing selection of Koi scrubs, and a wide range of different styles and colours. I just wished that you guys would open a closer location maybe in scarborough or around the area.

  30. Joey Zeller says:

    Excellent selection! Wow…I’m a student, looking for my first sets of scrubs, and didn’t know that such selection existed. Can’t wait to get my first order!

  31. Tatiana Troncoso says:

    “Week 3 question: Do we offer good variety of scrubs selections? If not, let us know what would you like us to offer i.e styles, brands, sizes, etc.”

    While you offer a wide variety of Koi scrubs, it would be nice to see more Cherokee and Dickies scrubs.

  32. Janice Poole says:

    Love the style and selection! Absolutely love the selection of Koi scrubs… And when you order them when they’re on Clearance… They’re sooooo cheap! Thanks daily scrubs!

  33. Thanh Nguyen says:

    Your Koi scrubs selection is great. I would like to see more brands like Healing hands, Greys Anatomy, Skechers, Urbane .

  34. Shirley Boshuis says:

    I love my Koi Scrubs!People always comment on where I bought such beautiful tops..A couple of my coworks have ordered from Daily Srubs as well.I’m hoping that my favorite Koi top is stll available to reorder,I slashed bleach on it and I just about cried.Thanks Daily Scrubs for having great customer service too.

  35. Alison says:

    Your selection of Koi Scrubs is amazing!!! I love that the Koi pants come in tall and your store always has so many colors in stock! I would love to see Greys Anatomy and healing hands scrubs available too :)

  36. Jennifer Hallett says:

    I would like to see some more reasonably priced petite pants. Other than that your selection is fantastic.

  37. Cameron Powell says:

    Great website great selection.

  38. Heather Hulka says:

    You have quite a variety of scrubs to choose from. I would like to see more fun and colorful scrub tops.

  39. Marlon Germo says:

    The staff are very accomodating that’s why I get my scrubs here, though there is limited choices for men.

  40. JANE BESSER says:

    You have a well organized website and a large variety of brand and styles are offered. Much better than another very poorly set up store I visited today in Mississauga where nothing matched, sizes were all over the place and I walked away frustrated.

  41. Cecille Chew says:

    I love browsing in your website and look at all the styles and print you have. As a careaide here in Canada I wear scrubs more than my regular clothes. I even asked my sister to look for a styles of scrubs in the Philippines just like what your website shows but she cannot find one. One more thing I love is that you have the weekly deals that really eye- catching. I will always order for sure many times.

  42. Jennifer Honey says:

    I love the Koi scrubs. I particularily love the Bella scrub top. I like that it is longer and hangs just right. The pockets are deeper and hold what I need to do my job at the hospital while looking professional and stylish.

  43. Daniela Fernandez says:

    I would just like to say, I love your store! I have shopped many times, and enjoy the welcoming smile. And the variety collection of scrubs is amazing. I particularly love the Koi collection, very unique and modern. But also soft fabric and comfort. And the fact that you have change rooms is ideal. Excellent. I drive from Toronto to buy your scrubs, well worth it. I recommended my co-worker, she loves them too! Thank you for your service. :)

  44. Sandy Prokay says:

    I love your selection!! And the prices are good too!!

  45. Jayme Fortier says:

    Great selection. I am only 5 feet tall, the petite selection online is by far the best I have ever seen. I love the koi and mobb uniforms. Your online site is very user friendly with a great selection.

  46. ECTTEL says:


  47. Amanda Shaw says:

    This place is amazing I’m a new. Dental assistant and love the selection you have recommend to alot of people

  48. NICOLE H says:

    I only buy Koi scrubs and have recently come across Grey’s Anatomy. It’s a great line but not everyone has it as of yet. It would be a great collection to carry for everyone out there who are finding it difficult to get the selection/colours/styles from one store. One stop shopping is always great and keeps people coming back:)

  49. Angela Liles says:

    Having moved to Canada from the UK, I love the fabulous designs that you have for Nursing and Health Care Aide scrubs. So different from the UK Nurses uniforms. They are practical and colourful and I would be amazed if prospective buyers would not be able to find a design they liked out of the selection that you have to offer. What’s more, my order was delivered to me within a week and I live in Manitoba. The fit was perfect and I have just ordered another two scrub sets. Thanks you.

  50. katia says:

    The KOI scrubs are super comfortable, stylish and of good quality . I strongly recommend these scrubs . The price is also very good.

  51. Arlene says:

    I Love the KOI brand. The uniforms are beautiful and don’t even look like uniforms!!

  52. I love it whenever people get together and share ideas.
    Great site, continue the good work!

  53. Carlos Vasquez says:

    As a brand that have been in the market for a long time, serving the medical field, since I started in the medical field KOI have been my election, it has the best materials ever, super comfy, nice to look at it, is not just comfort but stylish too, and I love that, now that my son is into the medical field to, I think this would be a great gift for him.

  54. Darlene Wright says:

    I visited your store on wednesday May 8 th, 2013.
    I was very impressed by the huge selection of scrubs you sell.
    I bought three tops and one bottom.
    Thank you, I will now shop online as I live six hours north of the city.
    Just wanted you to know how fabulous you shop is.

  55. kayla coull says:

    I have soo much trouble finding a good set of scrubs..I need plenty sinceIi have no time for laundry and work FOREVER! which I truly do enjoy I must say. I am very impressed by this site, nice sets for good deals!

  56. Kettely says:

    Gràce à vous tout le monde voudrais ètre à ma place.
    Je ne reçois que des copliments pour mes uniformes et j’en suis fière. Je suis devenue accro de votre site. J’ai pas peur de de le dire.

  57. Raquel Catilo says:

    I have been buying scrubs from Daily scrubs for 2 years now and I am very pleased with the quality of products and and of course with the owners of the shop Wena…. They are very friendly a be will assist you with your uniform choices. Even patients and patients family likes my uniform; I was told that my lovely uniform just brightens up the room.
    Thanks daily scrub for delivering a haute couture uniforms for nurses….

  58. Adelina Langford says:

    You have an amazing selection of scrubs just purchased about $260.00 worth!! Very good prices too, would like to have seen some scrubs fom Grey’s Anatomy, though. Keep up the great work.

  59. Stacy H says:

    I just went into the store for the first time last week (on my birthday) with my fiancé and we were able to find scrubs that were amazing, and were my size. Its hard to find scrubs in plus sizes and koi are my favourite so we were lucky enough to find so many, Amazing atmosphere and customer service….We will be back forsure….looking forward to it!!!

  60. dee says:

    Love the selection of uniforms in your online store. Koi scrubs are very good quality, the pricing is affordable, and I will be making another purchase soon.

  61. jennifer says:

    yes but maybe more plus size

  62. julie wright says:

    my son graduated in june and i must say there is very little out there for men. you have a great selection and he has loved every pair so far. you exchange policy was quick and convenient. the service is great!

  63. I am very smalled framed and not very tall. I love the petite selection. I also love the Koi pants because you can purchase the draw string pant leg so I do not have to have them hemmed.

  64. Judy Mackie says:

    I think that if they offer to much then the prices will have to be increased due to
    the amount of stock that they will have to have

  65. snort this says:

    I like this weblog so much, saved to favorites.

  66. Nattie K says:

    This is my second time shopping with daily scrubs and I have never seen such fast service! I had my uniforms in less than three days! I no longer shop across the border or mail from out of Canada. Wina is fantastic! I’m so glad I am able to buy from one store now. The selection is amazing. The shopping is so fast I never have to get stuck in traffic just to shop, and my patients love the cheerful bright colors. They say it makes their day, and it really makes me happy as a result.

  67. Christina M says:

    I love shopping here for the selection of Koi scrubs.

  68. sue says:

    The variety you offer is amazing:)

  69. Tiffany says:

    Week 3
    The reason I am going to order from this site is your large variety of of scrubs that I wouldn’t be able to find in Vancouver (for the same prices). I love the variety of Koi scrubs but would love to see Grey’s Anatomy scrubs.

  70. PAMELA HARVEY says:

    Would like to see White Cross uniforms.

  71. Amie says:

    Love your site! It’s where I buy most of my scrubs.

  72. Very clean website, thank you for this post.

  73. Sharlene White says:

    Summer time it would be nice to have some very light scrubs. You have a huge selection of patterns.

  74. Sharlene White says:

    I would be nice to see a bigger selection of styles of dress uniforms and fabrics to choose from.

  75. Jillian Liberty says:

    Separate the petites from the other scrubs and make it easier to find the matching tops–I am having so much difficulty finding petite pants and the matching tops

  76. merlinda says:

    i order 2 set of koi scrubs since January 3 2014. until now i didn’t get anything. i emailed twice to follow up my order they said January 14 will be shipped and then i emailed again like after January 14 they said they will be ship on thursday. because they having a problem to costume inspection. please anybody help me. i asked my tracking number too they said will be send to me when they shipped.

  77. nelly says:

    i love these scrubs

  78. C. Spencer says:

    I wish koi would have colourful, printed maternity scrub tops. There doesn’t seems to be much selection for those of us wanting to work well into our pregnancy — only one or two solid colours — yuck ! We want pattern, and colour like the rest of you.

  79. Karen Salton says:

    It would be great online, if you could see an image of what you order in the checkout section. I like to see all my order together so I can see what I like best and compare colors. Thanks Karen

  80. You have a huge variety of scrubs however I wished u had more in Dickies line. They are my favorite. Love Koi also. Darla

  81. I love the variety of scrub selections you have on your website, there are a lot that strike my attention, although pricy a very wide/nice selection of styles, and colors.

  82. Harpreet says:

    I love the Koi scrubs. Not enough options for XS petite.

  83. Hannah Clarkson says:

    The variety of clothing you offer is excellent however, I would like to see the healin hands brand.

  84. Joe says:

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  85. Catherine says:

    I just live KOI. As a 5’2″ woman, I find the fit and length of the petite Lindsey pant just PERFECT. And the lightweight fabric keeps me cool when I’m running my feet off during a shift. Thanks KOI ! You’re the best.

  86. erin says:

    Prices are really good. More options like brands and styles would be awesome.